All Has It’s Cause

(Alles komt ergens van, ENG subtitles)
In 1996, Gerard Thoolen passed away, one of the greatest Dutch actors of the past decades. Especially his contribution to the theatre group Het Werkteater is praised. His roles in films that were adapted from plays by Het Werkteater, like Toestanden (1976), Opname (1979) and Een zwoele zomeravond (1982), with Thoolen as the amiable Surinam Mrs. Emanuels, are also spoken highly of. Thoolen may have been commended as an actor, as a person he was unable to escape his tragic fate. Filmmaker Pieter Verhoeff, who directed Thoolen in his feature films Het teken van het beest (1980) and Van geluk gesproken (1987), portrays him in ‘Alles komt ergens van’. During a festive meal with relatives, friends and colleagues, an image emerges of the actor and person Gerard Thoolen based on interviews, film extracts, photos, letters and personal contributions by the people present.
Director: Pieter Verhoeff
Camera: Melle van Essen and Maarten Kramer

(Bron: Egmond Film and Television-2003)

1uur 17min.